Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ empowers marketers and market researchers to listen to online conversations and understand the opinions of consumers, shoppers, and audiences expressed on social media. The platform’s opinion analysis algorithm, BrightView, is flexible and customizable to specific business questions, contexts, and competitive landscapes.

We invite you to explore our studies of how marketing departments, agencies, and market research firms can use ForSight to solve business problems across many industries and sectors.

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The Crimson Hexagon system gave us an element of control… something that we hadn’t seen and still have not yet seen in any other competitive technologies.
Richard Ng
Former Director of Intelligence @Syncapse

World’s Largest Focus Group

Every day, millions of people around the world offer unsolicited opinions about products, brands, and companies. Our social media analysis technologies provide the tools to hear and understand consumers’ ideas about your brand, market, and competition. These powerful, flexible technologies turn millions of social media posts into an efficient, inexpensive mass focus group that you can use to make key business decisions.

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Knowledge Center
for Innovative Social Media Analytics

From delivering ForSight platform best practices to developing new business intelligence strategies for our customers, we strive to innovate. We aim for the videos, case studies, data sheets, and other resources in the Knowledge Center to educate and inspire you to pursue sophisticated social media analytics and to measure, plan, and implement your marketing program and advertising campaign with social media intelligence.

CEOs Talk Social Influencer marketing

Visit Our Social Media Intelligence Webinar Archives

Catch up with the latest in social media software and social strategy for marketers with our webinar archive. Our past webinars include guest speakers from Forrester Research, Altimeter Group, and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

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What People Are Saying

“The campaigns we have created since joining Crimson Hexagon have generated more social action and ultimately lead to more purchases than any campaigns that came before them.”

testimonial_e-craig-staceyRussell Pinke

Director of Analytics at Translation

Our Vision

Your actions as a marketer should have the benefit of being driven by insights.  The kind of insights that can only come from people who are vocal about their experiences with the products, services, and companies you care about.  We take the concept of “insight to action” seriously and everything we do is designed to help marketers win in an increasingly complex marketplace.

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